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We offer professional service of designing promotional materials for your products using latest technologies and trends.

Who we are & what we do

Hi there, I am Kati…

I am a photographer based in Netherlands and I am currently expanding my portfolio in order to provide commercial videography services worldwide.


Working with cameras and editing software have always been my dream. It took time for me to find myself but here I am, and on this page you will see my works. So feel free to scroll through my portfolio and don’t hesitate to message me with your enquiries. 


Photography and film making have become my greatest passion. I will make your products stand out!


2017 - Start of my first blog

I made my first website

2019 - Start of my second blog

I made my second website and Instagram blog

2020 - Photography became my profession

Following courses for photography and editing

2021 - Expansion into videography

When still photos became not enough to convey the beauty of the objects I was photographing

2023 - VCR Studio was born

Bringing my videography to competitive level

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Images created
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We are open for hire. Let's bring your creative ideas to life together!